Failing Your Way to Success

In case you missed it, Nick Foles (Philadelphia Eagles QB and Super Bowl LII MVP) gave some insight into the role failure has played in his success during the post game interview. At Success for Teams we have great appreciation for the role failure plays in an individual's ultimate success. Foles words are an invitation, almost, for us to embrace the humbling reality of NOT achieving what we initially set out to accomplish because of what that failure does to bring us closer to greatness.

Studies have consistently shown that as human beings our greatest fears are failure, death, and public speaking.

Recently I came across a quote by Marie Curie that read, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”

The Mount Ida design college in Massachusetts featured an exhibition in 2015 called Permission to Fail. "The curator asked a group of 50 prestigious designers and illustrators to send in their mess-ups, rough drafts and preliminary sketches so that they could be put on display.” The point is to teach students that the process is messy and that the "great ones" are repeatedly imperfect before creating a masterpiece.

If we can understand the valuable role that failure plays in our success, could we then embrace it instead of fear it? Can establishing a radically different relationship with our own failure truly open up a new world of success for ourselves and our student-athletes?

We think it can.

How do you build failure into your practice plan? As strange as it sounds, we wish you much failure in the weeks ahead and look forward to sharing in your inevitable success.