Mental Toughness: "The Oak Tree and a Palm Tree”

Mental Toughness

As three former college coaches, we at Success for Teams LLC understand how important Mental Toughness is in a student-athlete. Today we will share a general overview on what we have seen in successful teams in regards to Mental Toughness. We also want to invite you to join us for a much deeper look at Mental Toughness through our FREE 5-day Email Experience on Developing Successful Teams.

“The Oak Tree and a Palm Tree”

If I were to ask, “Which would you rather be, an Oak Tree or a Palm Tree?” many of us would choose the Oak. Oak trees are legendary for being strong and sturdy, with deep roots and a solid presence. Palm trees, on the other hand, are slender, tall, and beautiful, but appear to sway in even the slightest breeze. What most people don’t know about Palm trees is that they, too, have very deep roots.

When faced with adversity, many people desire to have the strength and sturdiness of the Oak tree - but here is what happens in storms.

Due to their solid, unmovable nature, Oak trees are often uprooted or have their sturdy form broken by high winds and heavy rain. The Palm tree, however, leans and sways in the direction of the wind - knowing it better to go with the force of a great storm than against it. Without the pressure of resisting the wind, the heavy rain nourishes and deepens the roots of the Palm - ever preparing it to weather the next storm.

Key points:

· We need adversity to grow stronger, to deepen our roots.

· Strength is important but flexibility is essential as life is unpredictable.

· Keep an open mind and cultivate the ability to adapt in any situation.

Successful teams work to strengthen their bodies and their minds in preparation for weathering seasons of adversity. Mental toughness is deeply rooted in their team culture and they understand the benefit of going with the flow instead of resisting what they cannot control.

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