Energy & Effort: “What it takes to be the best”

Energy and Effort

At Success for Teams LLC we work with teams of all levels. One skill that we witness in successful teams is their ability to control their energy and effort. We often hear coaches saying, “pick up the energy!” but is it really that simple? At Success for Teams, we believe we need to teach student-athletes how to create the energy and effort where successful teams thrive. In today’s post, we will explore the value of Energy and Effort.

“What it takes to be the best”

After a preseason workout during his Freshman year at UNC, Michael Jordan went up to Coach Roy Williams (who was the 3rd assistant at that time) and said, ”Coach, I want to be the best to ever play here.”

Coach Williams replied, “Then you have to go as hard as you can every day and do extra work”.

Jordan replied, “But I already win all the sprints. And I shoot more than my other teammates.”

Coach Williams replied, “Oh, excuse me. I thought you wanted to be the best” and he turned and walked off.

Jordan has often mentioned that that was a defining moment in his career and one that pushed him to do and be his best EVERYDAY in EVERYTHING.

Often we think we are working hard and doing what we need to do, but the truth is if we want to be the best we can be, if we want to win championships, we should be asking ourselves, “What else can I do?”

Key points:

· Give your best effort at all times, regardless of the score or your role on the team.

· Have the courage to push past your limits (physically, mentally, emotionally).

· Constantly ask, did I get better today?

· Becoming the “best” means never arriving - always being “in process”.

Successful teams are largely comprised of student-athletes who understand that in order for the team to succeed, players must contribute their individual best every day. This individual investment in the team outcome requires positive energy and the belief that today’s best can be outdone by tomorrow’s effort.

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