One Moment

By Tami Matheny, Mental Skills Specialist

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to watch sports as part of my work. This past week, I saw a handful of games but there was one that stood up.

The team I was watching had a senior on the team that had started almost every game in her career until this year. I have observed her actions throughout the season… how she reacts on the bench and how she responds once she gets into a game. Unlike many in her situation, she has been the loudest person on the bench, the one trying to give her team positive energy. Unfortunately a large number of high school and collegiate athletes I see pout and don’t care as much when they arent starting or aren’t on the court.

But it’s a choice each athlete can make. And the result of her choice…. because she has kept herself mentally into the team and game (although I am sure it still has been agonizing to watch so much from the bench) was that her one moment came. With 1.1 seconds and the game tied, she grabbed a loose rebound and in mid air turned around and swished the game winner as time expired. Movie writers could not have scripted it better. And athletes can’t create those scenarios either. You never know when your time or your one moment will come. But what you can do is be ready. And what I witnessed last week was a great example of being ready mentally and having a selfless attitude. And that senior has a special moment to carry with her for life. Those are the moments you will remember.