The Greatest Underdog Story in the World- David and Goliath

By Tami Matheny, Mental Skills Specialist

Most of us know this story by heart but how can one of the most told stories in the Bible help you overcome your “Goliath”?

Let’s start with a quick review. Here you have this 9 ft giant that no one would fight. David a poor shepherd boy volunteered. He was outsized, out experienced (no fighting background), and no armor compared to Goliath who was suited almost head to toe. David didn’t use the armor offered to him instead he was more comfortable just using his unique skills God had given him. As we all know, David fired his stone and found a hole in the mighty armor thus knocking the giant to the ground; he then ran to him stabbed him and cut off his head.

What giant are you facing that seems like an impossible situation? Use these 3 lessons from David and Goliath to get through the toughest situations, the toughest opponents, etc.


  1. David choose not to use armor or the heavy shields and swords. Instead he used his to those skills to overcome the situation or circumstance we face.
  2. David had faith in God. Have faith in God and yourself and mountains will move.
  3. David didn’t get caught up in “Oh this is a giant, he has never lost a battle. “ Instead he saw it as an opportunity. He ran into battle. He embraced it when others cowered and were intimidated. Everything in life is an opportunity or a threat. It just depends on how you view it.

Take courageous action. Trust in Yourself. What is your Stone (weapon) you need to use (toughness, love, persistence, selflessness, or physical skills of your sport)? Will you have faith in God and yourself and even teammates? Will you embrace this opportunity? I challenge you to apply these 3 things to whatever area in your life that seems hopeless and be a giant killer!