Our collective story began with a question...

"How could we use a combined 60 years of coaching experience to help athletes of all sports succeed?" 

Our respective areas of expertise and a mutual love for storytelling provided the answer. 

Our products harness the power of storytelling to support the player-coach relationship while developing the communication, leadership, and mental skills needed for individual and team success. Our commitment is to coaches of all sports, at all levels, through products designed to meet the needs of the coaching community.



Betsy Butterick

The Coaches’ Coach and Communication Specialist 

Area of focus: Communication

The buzzword most often associated with successful teams is “chemistry”. Chemistry is grounded in connection, and the heart of connection is communication. Betsy helps individuals become more conscious of their communication while developing the skills to support championship communication at all levels of team. In her role as "The Coaches' Coach" Betsy provides executive coaching services to coaches of all sports and designs customized workshops for athletic departments and teams. 




Molly Grisham

Influence LLC: Owner, Influencer, and Lead Facilitator

Area of focus: Leadership Development

Molly is passionate about personal growth, leadership development, communication, problem-solving, service learning, and conflict resolution. She is a visionary with a heart for developing cultures and leaders who are value driven, people-centric and service oriented.  She previously served as a college soccer coach and has been employed as a teacher/professor and has served on the communication staff for several non-profit organizations.




Tami Matheny

Refuse2LoseCoaching: Owner 

Area of focus: Mental Skills (confidence, focus, motivation, visualization, mental toughness)

Tami believes that while it’s important to work on the physical and technical aspects of sport, the mental side is just as important; mental skills are often the differentiating factor for the most successful athletes. Tami understands that talent can not always overcome a lack of confidence or mental toughness, but a high level of confidence and mental toughness can often overcome a lack of talent. She enjoys interacting and working hands on with coaches, athletes, and teams to make a difference.  

Tami has been a student-athlete, coach of men and women, administrator at the DI and DII levels, and knows the role the intangibles play in career success and longevity.