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Betsy Butterick

As a former coach with experience in DI, DII, DIII and the WNBA, Betsy utilizes her unique background with individuals ready to improve and teams of all kinds — from the locker room to the boardroom. 

As "The Coaches' Coach" Betsy uses her training as an executive coach to help coaches do what they’ve yet to do, so they can be who they’ve yet to be. As a Communication Specialist, Betsy assists individuals in all facets of communication while developing the connective skills that build relationship and sustain success. 

Professional, playful, and with a talent for people-centric design, Betsy offers an experiential approach towards learning and development.

As the founder of Butterick Coaching & Communications, LLC Betsy’s clients typically engage her for customized workshops, webinars, keynotes, one-on-one coaching, or communication assistance (navigating difficult conversations, pre-game speeches, player meetings, confrontation for connection, or when they’re simply trying to find the right words).

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Molly Grisham

Recognized as a courageous and passionate communicator, Molly’s programs inspire and set people in motion. Molly is passionate about building teams, developing leaders, creating custom workshops, and utilizing personality assessments for personal growth. She is extremely dedicated to developing people.

Molly brings the experience of 20 years in coaching at the collegiate, high school, and club levels, an entrepreneurial spirit of a successful business builder, communication skills of an author and storyteller, and 10+ years as an adjunct professor and curriculum builder to every client engagement. She has helped athletes reach and exceed personal goals, teams become more productive, leaders achieve new heights, and companies be more competitive in their markets through highly engaging programs, curriculum, and workshops.

Molly now works with educators, corporate groups, and athletic teams by providing leadership development, team building, custom workshops, and personality assessments.

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Tami Matheny

Tami Matheny is Owner & Director of Refuse2LoseCoaching, LLC and author of “The Confident Athlete: 4 Easy Steps to Build and Maintain Confidence”.  As a Mental Game Coach, she works with coaches, athletes and teams to improve areas such as confidence, focus, motivation, mental toughness, leadership, teamwork, etc.

Tami has a passion for sports and how the mental game affects performance.  As an athlete, coach, administrator and now Mental Game Coach, she has seen first-hand the difference mental toughness coupled with physical training translates into individual and/or team success.

Tami believes that while it’s important to work on the physical and technical aspects of sport, the mental side is just as important; mental skills are often the differentiating factor for the most successful athletes. Tami understands that talent can not always overcome a lack of confidence or mental toughness, but a high level of confidence and mental toughness can often overcome a lack of talent. She enjoys interacting and working hands on with coaches, athletes, and teams to make a difference.  

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